Monday, June 23, 2008

Love You Approximately

This week and last week have finally seen us launch into devising rehearsals for the clinic's new project "Love You Approximately". This piece is about a long-distance relationship, and all the devising, rehearsing and some of the performance will take place using distance technology - chat, email, skype (video conferencing), and maybe some phone calls and letters.

the clinic's website and our blog ( should soon have up to date information, and then be regularly updated about this project as it develops. Friends are also welcome to become friends with the two characters, Imogen and Pere, on facebook, and have input into the development of their story this way.

My role in the process is co-director and writer. Juieanne is the overall director, and it is her idea and project, coming out of her experience of living distant from her family and friends, and also drawing on both our experiences of long-distance relationships, the wonderful creativity of communication that they can foster, and the fantasy that builds up of the relationship over time.

So far we are pretty impressed with the progress we have been able to make having rehearsals on skype. Although it is weird for me, with a phyiscal theatre background, it is also pretty exciting.