Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Mythology of Soup

The Mythology of Soup plays at 42 Winchester St throughout the Lyttelton Winter Festival:

Saturday 23 June
Sunday 24 June
Thursday 28 June
Friday 29 June
Saturday 30 June
Sunday 1 July

at 7pm.

For $15 a ticket, you will be treated to:
A bowl of soup (on the menu at this stage are pea soup and Louisiana gumbo) with bread
Live music by The Ancient Now, with Dayna Sanerivi
Two films - The Forgotten Tuesday and Flight Patterns

The Forgotten Tuesday is a very short (3 minute) film that explores the performance of gender identity and is set in the house at 42 Winchester St. You can read a review of it on this blog.

Flight Patterns is the edited footage from the performance by the same name that I directed during the Lyttelton Summer Festival. This performance concerned love and romance and took place all around the house. Like the performance, the film has no linear narrative, but rather a logic of rhythm and image that holds it together around the exploration of various understandings and misunderstandings of what love it, how to get it, and what we do to avoid it.