Sunday, April 20, 2008

Red days

This day I had had a dream that my recent ex had murdered my dog!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Kissing the lipless that bleed all the sweetness away

I have been very inspired by the book I am reading at the moment, Jung's "Memories, Dreams, Reflections." Feeling that my life has lacked discipline for some time and wanting to put more of my heart and soul into creative work (that is also spiritual and therapeutic - sort of impossible to separate these things), I have begun a routine of making a tableau in the morning and doing some writing about it, sort of as if it were a dream. I have also been having some pretty interesting dreams! Here are images from my first two tableaux:

Jung says "Therefore I twice went over all the details of my entire life, with particular attention to childhood memories; for I thought there might be something in my past which I could not see and which might possibly be the cause of the disturbance. But this retrospection led to nothing but a fresh acknowledgment of my own ignorance. Therupon I said to myself, 'Since I know nothing at all, I shall simply do whatever occurs to me.' Thus I consciously submitted myself to the impulses of the unconscious.
"The first thing that came to the surface was a childhood memory from perhaps my tenth or eleventh year. At that time I had had a spell of playing passionately with building blocks. I distinctly recalled how I had built little houses and castles ... To my astonishment, this memory was accompanied by a good deal of emotion. 'Aha,' I said to myself, 'there is still life in these things. The small boy is still around and possesses a creative life which I lack. But how can I make my way to it?' [exactly the question I have been asking myself] For as a grown man it seemed impossible to me that I should be able to bridge the distance from the present back to my eleventh year. Yet if I wanted to re-establish contact with that period, I had no choice but to return to it and take up once more that child's life with the childish games. This moment was a turning point in my fate ... In the course of this activity my thoughts clarified, and I was able to grasp the fantasies whose presence in myself I dimly felt.
"Naturally, I thought about the significance of what I was doing, and asked myself, 'Now, really, waht are you about? You are building a small town, and doing it as if it were a rite!' I had no answer to my question, only the inner certainty that I was on the way to discovering my own myth."