Sunday, September 24, 2006

Laverne Ladies

I have been making an application to exhibit my photographs (which I've been calling "Laverne Ladies" for the meantime) at the Lyttelton Art Gallery next May. I was very happy this afternoon to come up with this purpose statement about all my creative/artistic work:

I hope for my work to give spectators an experience of contemplation, liberation and inspiration. I do this by sharing experiences that often remain hidden, in a way that is both serious and light.

I hope this will apply to the performance work as well.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


We have only had two rehearsals, so I am pretty impressed with the amount of material generated. Eve has shared some ideas, including a half-waking dream she had of a woman who was insanely bored with a succession of cardboard cut-out men that was paraded past her. This has started an idea for an opening scene, incorporating the personals column as a text, which I quite like. I imagine it taking place around a table in the garden with a lot of flowers at dusk.
I'm very happy with my actors' ability to improvise text. Next week we will work on excerpts from romance films and choreographies involving a double bed. FUN!

Friday, September 15, 2006

falling in love (with this house)

As Stasa suggested in her blessing, there are many new things offered by this house, as a living space and a creative space. The photography is one of the exciting things in the creative space. The garden is exciting both for creating and for growing vegetables!
The oven doesn't work properly, the taps drip, the washing machine makes puddles and there's no electricity in our bedroom...

The first photo is one of me after a photo shoot, pinning my hair back and finding I look surprisingly like my mother at my age.

We have had one rehearsal and are just getting into the vibe of how to work together.

I have had a grant of $1,080.00 from the Christchurch Community Arts Council. Nice!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

And The Best Dressed Award Goes To...

... Mark Hollis (seen here with the beautiful Kate Hindin-Nikau).


The project has been beautifully launched! This is a photo of the blessings on the wall with the 20 red roses on the mantelpiece.

This is the blessing I received from Stasa Dailianis:

Beautiful, strong Lulu.....

On your 30th birthday, as doors swing quietly shut behind you and new corridors stretch ahead of you, I send you these blessings from afar.

May the house of your life be decorated with many and various colours
may you find surprises in the cupboards, boxes containing treasures on the tops of wardrobes
joys and delights never even hoped for
waiting under pillows, revealing themselves as you turn in your sleep.

May you understand that like a dream this house is infact not as solid as it seems;
may you paint the walls and then laugh at the colour,
rip up the carpet and fill a room with sand (lie down in your bikini and draw pictures of islands and castles)
run through the rooms and corridors shouting at the top of your lungs (I can see the holes in the floorboards!)
the wooden planks under your feet slipping softly off the edge of the porch
the walls falling away as you run, trembling, dissolving...
the sink falling past and dissapearing
the wallpaper peeling and spirling down
as you float out into the garden, full of light, not stained by any darkness
lurking in one or two shoe boxes under the bed?)

May you gently open the windows of your heart to all those who pass by;
your lover,
bus drivers,
strangers who walk past on their way to the fish and chip shop,
birds who nest in your rafters
mice who nibble your flour bags in the kitchen cupboards when you are sleeping and dreaming

dream darling lucette, for you are truely blessed

all my love