Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I am starting to get a bit more serious about planning a new photography/film project using Danielle Steel as my inspiration.
I just started reading her book "Miracle" and it is impossible! I can't believe such terrible story-telling can be so horrendously popular!

But I am fascinated by the cult of personality/the brand that she has created of herself, especially with these over the top glamorous author photos that appear on the backs of her books. They are fabulous.

The project will give me a chance to do some sewing/costuming, and, of course, to be fabulous too!

As well as dressing up like her, I'm also hoping to pull some poems together using her words

Other news ... I will be appearing at the Christchurch Art Gallery during the William Morris exhibition (beginning late March) as Morris' wife, Jane (Janey), sitting in the gallery hand-sewing the famous blue silk dress in which she was painted and photographed by Rosetti.

the clinic's new project, "Love You Approximately" is slowly coming into shape. Auditions will be held soon in Spain and then we may be able to start devising!!


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