Sunday, May 27, 2007

Read along with me ...

We had a great Feast of New Theatre Forum over the weekend (despite the news of no CNZ funding for the next Feast - and therefore no job for me for the next 6 months).

Gary Henderson was the guest speaker, and his talk on playwrighting, creating stories and how to read your own drafts has helped a lot with clarifying the story of the astronaut piece we are working on.

Things that I am reading at the moment (or recently) which are also influencing the development of the piece are Thomas Moore's "The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life" and (well, I'm not reading it right now, but rather remembering my previous reading of it) Mikhail Bakhtin's work on the carnival and carnivalesque.

Other (good) news ... the clinic did get CNZ funding for its upcoming show "Love You Approximately," a multimedia piece that Julieanne is directing and I am writing about a long-distance relationship between a NZ woman and a Spanish man.

I love my blog.


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